Itchy skin, watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing are all-too-familiar realities for those who suffer from allergies. Whether you have problems with dust mites in your inner spring mattress, or other allergens in your carpets and area rugs, keeping your home clean and safe is a necessity – definitely not a luxury.

If all this sounds too familiar to you, then you need a new carpet.

  • Synthetic fiber carpets. What I especially like about them is that besides a low price, they stand up well to frequent vacuuming & scrubbing. Perhaps most importantly, they release dirt fairly pretty well.
  • All-organic carpets. As you probably heard, organic carpets made out of sisal, cotton and grass are a very good solution for your allergies.
  • Short fiber carpets. Short fiber means less debris. Makes sense, right?
  • Carpet tiles. Your kids will love them and so will you. Someone spilled wine on your carpet – no worries. In case a deep carpet cleaning fails to remove the stain just pull up the one ‘tile’ and replace it.

And do not forget this:

  • Air it out! Even before you bring in a new carpet to your home, you should unroll and air it out in a clean and dry warehouse. Plus during and after installation you should open windows. You may even want to turn on your air-condition to clear the air.
  • Vacuum twice a week or get an iRobot to do the hard work for you. New Year is coming in a few days so – why not treat yourself with a hi-tech gadget that makes your life way easier.