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Bone Dry Carpet Cleaning

Proudly cleaning carpets in Maine since 2009.

We take pride and satisfaction in cleaning your carpets as good as we would want our carpet cleaning done in our home. We wear booties, do not smoke, and are polite. We believe that your home is your castle and you should be treated as such. We clean carpets in Portland, Maine and the vast majority of Southern Maine.

We are here to provide an organic alternative to the traditional wet cleaning methods which contribute to problems such as long drying times, shrinkage and wick back.

With one of our methods we use an organic compound to deep clean your carpets, with virtually zero drying time. Our other low moisture method is dry within hours, or sometimes before we leave!

About Us

Our Pricing

Break free with eco & pet friendly, DRY or LOW moisture carpet cleaning service that helps keep your home safe. $180 minimum order value.

  • Area rugs start at only $1.25 per sq ft. Wool area rugs range from $1.50 – $3.50 per sq ft depending on condition. Minimum of $35 per area rug.
  • Pet stains as low as $10 per treatment.
  • Stain-Guard treatment starts at $20 per room (under 100 sq ft) for 3m and $25 for Organic (under 100 sq ft) additional Stain-Guard is only .20 cents per sq ft.
  • We also clean tile and grout, clean mattresses, and even do upholstery! Grout cleaning starts at $1.00 per sq ft and go up to 3.50 per sq ft depending on size of tile, grout, and condition.
  • Minimum charge is $180 for up to 200 square feet or set of stairs up to 12 steps with landings being extra.


$85**prices starting at $85 per area up to 200 sq ft for Portland
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Deodorizer
  • Scotch Guard


$90**prices starting at $90 per area up to 200 sq ft for Portland
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Deodorizer
  • Scotch Guard

Frequently Asked Questions

We gladly move small furniture (under 25 pounds)! For furniture like beds, armoires, electronics, and bookcases we can either move them for you at an additional charge ($15-$20 per room), or we can go around them since no traffic or spills are typically under beds, armoires, or large furniture. We do reserve the right to not move large items that cannot be moved easily by 2 people. We will let you know upon our pre-inspection if there is an additional charge should you require furniture moving.
That depends on how much use they are getting. Most of our regular customers have their carpets cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Maine carpet cleaning is usually done more often than other parts of the country. Mud, dirt, snow, etc. eats away at your carpets and makes it more necessary to get your carpet cleaning done more often.
Your carpets should be dry within 30 minutes of our carpet cleaning process, depending upon drying conditions. With our dry process we only moist cleaning compounds that are nearly instantly dry when we vacuum them up. We leave your carpets clean and fresh and ready for use.
Dry carpet cleaning does as good as, or even better than the wet old carpet cleaning system! The removal of stains depends on the fibers and fabrics of the material being cleaned, and the stain itself. The most difficult stains to remove are coffee/tea, red wine and pet stains. Pet stains are often permanent since they cause permanent dye removal from fibers and may damage wool, silk or other fabrics. Unfortunately, nothing can help with a stain that removes the dye from your carpet. Dry carpet cleaning can help to remove the stains, but no method can re-color a carpet that was dyed or where dye was removed from the acidic nature of pet urine and other substances.
With steam, or wet carpet cleaning this is very typical since soapy residues are inevitably left behind. Bone Dry Carpet cleaning leaves no residue or soaps behind! We clean carpets with a method which scrubs the carpet with tiny sponges and lifts the pile and cleans the carpet from the bottom up. Carpet cleaning the “new” way is the only way to clean carpets with agitation! Would you clean a shirt with water alone?
Any type of cleaning can be useful. Dry carpet cleaning gives excellent results and is the only type of carpet cleaning that is safe for pets, children, and that eliminates mold spores instead of creating them! We have cleaned over 1000 carpets in Portland, Maine alone!
Scotchgard™ works very well in reducing the chances of spills turning into permanent stains. It is very important to realize that, even on a carpet with Scotchgard™ Protector, swift action is necessary to remove stains. When a spill occurs, use absorbent toweling or paper towels to blot the affected area and do not use any chemicals or cleaners on the stain. Be patient in blotting the spill and you can usually remove all of it. If a residue still exists, call Bone Dry Carpet Cleaning of Portland ME at 207-400-2387 Anytime! We also now offer a Natural Organic and Green Certified Scotch Guard!

Other Services from Our Range

We offer a range of services including:

If your address out of our normal service area text us at 207 400 2387 for specifics and we will see if we can make a special trip just for you. Note that we do travel up to 75 miles outside of the Portland area and in this case the minimum order is $350.

Bone Dry Carpet Cleaning is a family owned business. This is how we treat all our customers – big or small – like family. We respect your home as if it’s our own home and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services.