Sisal carpets are very popular these days but cleaning them can be a real challenge. Having the right tools at your disposal makes it easier and in today’s post I will give you some useful advice on how to make your favorite carpet look new again.

Perhaps you didn’t know that sisal is a quite versatile fiber that can be used in many different end uses. It’s made out of various varieties of agave plant. Fifty years ago it was mainly used to manufacture agricultural twine because of its strength, durability and ability to stretch. These days this high quality fiber is used in carpet industry. However, although high quality they have special care requirements, and not just any carpet cleaner will do. These cleaners can leave discolored patches.

Here are some tips that will make your carpet cleaning process a little more stress free:

  • Vacuum each day. It is very important to vacuum daily with a vacuum brush because dirt can cause wear and tear to the fibers. Distressed jeans are popular these days but shabby looking carpets are not.
  • Wipe up wet spills immediately. As I already mentioned, even if they do remove the dirt using wrong liquid cleaners can leave unsightly stains and water marks. Special formula cleaner is needed to ensure long life of your rug.
  • Synthetic sisal carpets. There are two methods I recommend: Dry cleaning and hot-water extraction. Which one do I prefer? Professional dry cleaning, of course.
  •  Natural fiber sisal rugs. Keep in mind, dry cleaning only!
  • Never (I repeat, NEVER) use steam cleaning and wet shampoos. This is very important so I will say it again: Water will leave unsightly spots. What’s more, water can even cause shrinking and puckering of your carpet.
  • If you are not sure what to do – hire a professional. Hot water extraction, steam-cleaning, dry-cleaning…  Deciding which method is the best one when dealing with so many options can be quite stressful. This is why sometimes professionals are the best option.

As you can see, it’s not that difficult to maintain your sisal carpet or rug. Vacuum it every day, don’t use chemicals and apply protective coating after cleaning. Most importantly, if you by any chance wait for any accidental spills to dry up the damage will be permanent.