People mostly use boats and RVs to relax and enjoy inside of them during vacation or a trip. But, in many cases, this is not quite possible because of the bad smells inside of them caused by various reasons among which small space is at the top of the list. Odor removal is not easy but luckily with these simple hacks you can get rid of it for good!

Good ventilation

As said previously, due to the small space of boats and RVs, bad smells are more pronounced and you cannot get rid of them that easily. That is why you should consider buying a ventilation product for your RV or a boat. It will make things much easier and odors will not be that obnoxious as they are now. These products can be easily found online or at RV and boat dealerships.

Remove holding tank odors

Bad odors accumulate inside of the holding tank because the air does not force the gasses out of the vent pipe. When traveling, the odors are pushed back to the toilet every time the air pressure from the outside exceeds the one that is inside of the RV. In order to solve this problem, you should buy a redesigned breathing system that you should attach to the top of the vent pipe.

Refrigerator odor

Bad smell from the refrigerator in small spaces such as RVs and boats can occupy the whole area. You should clean the fridge thoroughly and leave a can with baking soda or active charcoal inside it to absorb the remaining odors. You can use this method to get rid of the fridge odors in your home.

The odor of stagnant water

If RV or a boat has not being used for a longer period of time, you will face the bad smells that come from the drains and the toilet. For this problem, you should mix a cup of baking soda with a gallon of water. Pour the solution into every drain in the boat or RV. After that, discharge the remaining of the solution into a sink — so it will go into the water tank.

Use white vinegar

White vinegar is known as an excellent remedy for different kind of odors. After you have ventilated the area, spray the solution of warm water and white vinegar all over the van or a boat. Leave it for a few days to absorb all the bad smells.

If you cannot deal with odors at your RV or a boat, then you should call the professionals with the right equipment to help you.