Hi, my name is Jeff Maietta and I would like to introduce a new odor removal service being offered to commercial and residential customers here in Portland, Maine and surrounding cities which we call Fresh Smelling Spaces.

Our Customers

Our unique process guarantees complete odor removal and can tackle almost any space generating amazing results for a healthier living and work environment since it will eliminate airborne viruses too.

Our customers are mainly property managers, hotels, RV and boat owners, homeowners with pet and musty mildew basement smells, and car dealerships that have smelly vehicles from cigarette smoke or mildew. Mildew odors can sometimes stay after a successful water damage restoration job so additional treatment might be needed. Our Guarantee is that if the treatment does not work, we will come back for free and do it again.

Try our environment-friendly odor removal method that completely eliminates most odors in 8 hours or less. After we are done you are left with a nice clean and fresh smell. Guaranteed!

$160 minimum order value.

Odor Removal Service


  • 1 room odor treatment: $125 to $250
  • 2 room odor treatment: $250 to $400
  • Whole house or apartment: $500 to $1250 depending on size
  • Car treatment: $150
  • Boat: $170 to $450 depending on size
  • RV: $180 to $450 depending on size
  • Larger spaces call for pricing

What gave us the idea to start this unique odor removal service?

We have been providing professional carpet cleaning services in Maine for over 10 years and we noticed one thing in common to many of our customers – bad odors in their living and work environment. They all tried different methods to remove those odors but with little or no success. Sprays which cause allergic reaction, ozone which ruins plastic and rubber items and carcinogenic sprays and treatments that only mask or cover-up odors temporarily. Our process works every time and leaves no residue, damage, or dangerous after effects.

Odor Removal