Our service is designed to ensure that you maintain the best level of cleanliness in your home at all times.

Carpet Cleaning Services for Windham, Maine Residential and Commercial Customers

Our service has been focused to ensure that the carpets and rugs that you use in your house are clean and tidy at all times. This service is your best bet on eliminating any stains, dirt, and grime that has been spilled onto your carpets in the course of normal day to day activity.

How to select the best carpet cleaning company? The choice of company that you select to provide the best services is important in determining the level of service that you get. It is therefore important that you base your choice on a number of important considerations. The company that you choose should be IICRC certified and they should provide technicians who have been certified by the same organization. This will ensure that you have the best quality of expertise in the people who deliver the service.

First, we are able to remove soil, dirt, grime, and any other particles that may accumulated on the carpet over the course of time. The extraction of these particles must be done in a professional manner if the quality of the carpet is to be maintained.

This will entail a professional identification of the carpet’s fibers to ensure that the proper method for extraction of contaminants is deployed.

$250 minimum order value.

Windham, Maine Carpet Cleaning

It is important to note that if the carpet or rug is made of wool fibers it can be easily damaged. It is therefore important that the cleaning service providers demonstrate an ability to handle woolen fibers properly.

Second, the cleaning service will embark on a vacuuming process to ensure that all the loose particles on the carpet and rug surface are eliminated. This step is important in easing the length and energy that will be used in the cleaning process. It will ensure that when the emulsifier in the pre-conditioner is applied that these particles of not dissolve into the carpet and thereby make it harder to clean.

Third, we will apply a pre-conditioner to the entire surface of the carpet. The pre-conditioner contains an emulsifier which will break down all of the particles of grime, dirt, grease, and other contaminants that are on the carpet. It is important that the application is done as thoroughly and evenly as possible in order to ensure that the entire carpet is covered and not just the main traffic lanes.

Fourth, we will then use hot water to clean the entirety of the carpet. This is done so as to remove the dirt from the carpet or rug without needing to have it removed from the area where it has been deployed. Lastly, this service also provides an additional benefit other than convenience. It is able to clean the entirety of the carpet whilst ensuring that all of the carpet is cleaned including areas covered by furniture and hard to access corners.

Windham, Maine Carpet Cleaning