People come from all over the state of Maine to bring us their beloved area rugs.

Types of Area Rug Stains We Clean

As Maine area rug specialists we do all types of cleanings on all types of area rugs – from immersion cleaning to color migration issues we can handle anything. Years of experience in carpet cleaning helps us clean area rugs better! Some issues/scenarios that we handle on a daily basis:

  • Pet urine filled area rugs. This requires an immersion cleaning to fully remediate.-yes this is our most common “issue” that we love to handle! We first dye lock your rugs in order to help avoid color migration issues. Then we use specialized “rug beater” that removes years of dust and dirt that fill the fibers and cause premature wear and tear on your area rugs. Removing the dirt between the fibers removes the abrasive dirt that wears out out the yarns as it is walked on and moved. It is like having sandpaper between your thumb and forefinger. As you move your fingers it slowly removes layers of skin. This process alone can add years to the life of your area rugs! Next we literally immerse and flush your area rug of all contaminants as we gentle scrub the fibers. After that we put it in our drying room to speed dry the fibers in order to avoid problems with color migration and secondary odors.
  • Odors from sitting or being stored. This is common as well and can normally be handled with our general cleaning. If there is still odor remaining, or if the odor appears to be excessive, we recommend immersion cleaning. This will eliminate 95 percent of all odors.
  • General cleaning. This is great for a normal cleaning where there are no major issues or pet urine etc. involved. This is the least expensive process yet yields wonderful results if no malodors or pet urine issues are present.
  • Restorative cleaning. This is when an area rug has a lot of stains, pet issues (urine, feces, vomit) or after water damage restoration and needs a specialized process to bring new life back into the rug. This is our most intensive process. We perform this type of cleaning on 25 percent of rugs and the results are amazing.

$250 minimum order value.

Area Rug Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee odor removal of area rugs?

Yes we do! If we do a full immersion cleaning we guarantee that the odor will be gone. If it is not we will take it back and redo it for free of course.

Do you guarantee stain removal?

Many times area rugs are made from natural fibers such as silk, wool, or cotton. Much like a stain on a white t shirt, some stains will never come out. In particular stains from urine where the fiber gets “burned” because of the ph or any food dyes (from pet food etc.) present in the urine. We can usually improve this, but full removal of the “burned” in stain is very difficult.

Do you clean the fringe?

Yes we certainly can. We do it by hand if it is requested. Otherwise we do a general cleaning on it and it yields great results. If that is not enough, just ask and we can add a specialized fringe cleaning to your cleaning.

Are there any toxic chemicals used?

We are an environmentally friendly company that uses only safe and organic products. This is part of our mission statement so we do not deviate from it!


Synthetic fiber area rugs

  • General Cleaning – $2.00 per sq ft with a $75 dollar minimum.

Synthetic area rugs are the easiest and least expensive to clean. Often times they are inexpensive and come from big box stores or online. These types of area rugs are almost “bullet proof” when it comes to stain removal and cleaning. The results of cleaning and sanitizing these rugs are impressive in most cases.

Natural fiber and Shag area rugs

  • General Cleaning – $3.00 per sq ft with a $75 dollar minimum.

Wool, cotton, jute, Sisal, silk, etc. These are much more difficult and time consuming to clean. The process for cleaning these includes dye lock, drying rooms, and specialized equipment. We do a a lot of natural fiber area rug cleaning and truly enjoy this challenging niche. We are specialists in all area rugs, but this type of material is the most rewarding to work with. When other companies turn these area rugs away because of the complexities involved, we welcome them.

Area Rug Cleaning