Your carpeting whether in your home or in your office is a huge investment. Trying to extend the life of your investment should be a very real concern for you. When it comes to maintaining your carpeting, having a professional cleaning is a wise way to protect your investment. There are a number of Maine carpet cleaning services, but the professionals at Bone Dry Carpet are a step above other services. We treat each customer as a valued asset, and we treat your carpet and upholstery with only organic compounds that will never harm or deteriorate your investment. Our professional technicians are equipped to answer all of your concerns on the job and will use only the most state of the art tools when cleaning your carpeting.

Many Portland Maine carpet cleaning companies offer a general carpet cleaning. This means they come to your home and use hot water on your carpet and vacuum up as much dirt they can possibly get. The problem with this type of general cleaning is you are getting the same result as if you had rented a steam cleaner from your local supermarket. The hot water and chemicals loosen the debris but not all is vacuumed up. The water that is left behind is a breeding ground for fungus, insects and mold. Many children with sensitive skin and allergies will immediately feel the pain when the mold and allergens begin to grow in your carpeting.

The difference with a major cleaning company like Bone Dry Carpet is that they do not use any chemicals in the cleaning process. Our treatment is an organic compound that will loosen dirt, debris, pet stains and odors without leaving behind any harmful residue. We also use HOST™ sponges that will attract all the dirt and cleaning solution leaving your carpet virtually dry to the touch. Our entire cleaning process uses high temperature combined with extreme vacuum which leaves your carpet drier than the traditional steam cleaning process.

When considering a cleaning service you should ask the team to come out to your home and inspect the current conditions. Bone Dry Carpet experts are more than happy to provide you this free service and give you a detailed and reasonable estimate for all work so there are never any surprises on the bill when the work is completed. We believe that a truly professional carpet cleaning service should make you aware of any special conditions required to remove pet stains or other soiled areas of the carpeting. Never settle for a price over the phone, many cleaning companies will give you a rough price for a job, then at the completion of work the bill is triple the estimate because they were not properly informed of the actual condition of the work needed to be done.

The entire team at Bone Dry Carpet seeks to earn your business for the long term. We want to keep you in the loop about what is needed to clean carpets, upholstery, tile and grout, area rugs and mattresses in your home thoroughly. We want to earn your trust and your ongoing business. Call us seven days a week for any of your carpet cleaning needs.