When it comes to extending the life of your upholstery fabrics, the best way to keep the material in the best shape is to have it professionally cleaned. Bone Dry Carpet Cleaning has been providing residents of Portland, Maine with a cleaning service that is designed to not only make your furniture look amazing, but we can extend the life of the materials as well. Having your upholstery professionally cleaned will add many years to the life of the upholstery.

Your furniture attracts all different types of allergens from the outdoors, and they stay trapped deep in the material where you and your family breathe it in day after day. Your family pet is one of the biggest contributors to bringing in debris from outside, and simply by rubbing up against a piece of furniture can leave contaminants in the fibers of the furniture. Bone Dry Carpet Cleaning uses eco-friendly cleaning compounds to deep clean your upholstery and our industrial vacuuming system removes the cleaning solution and all the allergens safely from your home.

Bone Dry Carpet Cleaning has many years experience in keeping your friends and neighbors furniture looking like new. We understand how important a deep cleaning is to the furniture and more importantly your families health. The air duct systems in many homes in the Maine area run just about all year long. They let hot air flow through in winter, and cool air in the summer. These units are continually bringing in allergens and contaminants from outdoors into your home. Filter systems are designed to trap most of the debris, but bacteria and dust does get moved through the system and wind up on your furniture frequently. Bone Dry Carpet Cleaning can deep clean all your upholstery and then apply a protectant to your furniture that acts like a barrier against those particles from getting into the furniture.

The professional team at Bone Dry Carpet Cleaning has extensive experience in keeping furniture looking like new, and being free of the allergens that can bother family members with allergies and sensitive skin. Your home will not only look cleaner, but it will also smell cleaner too. We can identify stains and spots on furniture and help you to get those areas of concerned cleaned the right way, the first time. You can contact Bone Dry Carpet Cleaning today for a free evaluation of your furniture.