Who needs expensive carpet cleaners when everything you need is in your kitchen? It’s true that sometimes you do need a professional carpet cleaning company to help you with most stubborn stains but the truth is that you can do a lot yourself. Especially if you act quick and don’t let stains dry out. Cornmeal for grease, salt for red wine, and club soda for coffee stains – sounds too simple to be true? I have tested all of these (plus a few more). Read on and find out what I’ve uncovered.

  1. Cornstarch for grease. Cornstarch can be a perfect solution for getting rid of nasty oil stains and grease. It’s even good when it comes to lip-gloss stains. Sprinkle it on the stain and let it sit over night. It takes some time for cornstarch to absorb the grease. Brush the cornstarch away using a soft bristle brush and you’re done. So, is the story of cornstarch for grease myth or truth? Truth.
  2. Salt for red wine. I already wrote an article on how to clean red wine stains off carpet, so you might ask yourself now: ‘Well why should I bother with soda when I can simply use salt?’ The thing is that sodium bicarbonate (or baking soda) is poured on the wine stain because the carbonation process helps lift the stain from your carpet fibers. On the other hand, salt only keeps the stain from setting. So, is the story of red wine stains and salt myth or truth? Partially true.
  3. Club soda for coffee stains. As you know my favorite green cleaning product is baking soda. The principle is the same as with wine stains – carbonation does its thing. The final result is a spotless carpet. Myth or truth? Truth!

Have more carpet cleaning myths you want me to try out? Sound off in the comments below.