Carpet cleaning may not be the most fun house keeping chore but it certainly is important. Are you not entirely convinced as to why you should clean your carpets regularly? Here are the top 10 reasons for you to look for a professional and organic carpet cleaning service if you live anywhere in Maine.

  • Bed bugs, mites and other small insects easily hide within carpet fibers. If not cleaned regularly, these little insects will eventually infect your whole house, costing you more money to fumigate your house, as opposed to cleaning your carpet. Furthermore, simply vacuuming your carpet will not get rid of them as you need a thorough and effective carpet cleaning.
  • Clean carpets prevent the buildup of any allergens and bacteria. Common allergens such as pollen can easily settle onto your carpet without you knowing it. This can pose as a dangerous threat to any of your family members that suffer from allergies.
  • Most children enjoy either playing on the carpet, or stretching out on it in front of the television to enjoy their favorite shows. Protect your children’s health by having the carpet cleaned regularly to get rid of dust and dirt and other germs that may be hiding in it.
  • Carpets soil pretty easily, considering all the activities that take place on them. A few spilt drinks and food stains results in a very unsightly mess. Rubbing on it with your regular washing soap and towel just won’t cut it. You need professional Maine carpet cleaners who use the right tools to effectively remove stains, while still maintaining the quality of your carpet.
  • A carpet is most possibly, the most expensive furnishing item in your house. Having it cleaned regularly will ensure that your carpet will continue to serve you years later. A dirty worn-out carpet is not only unsightly, but also needs a replacement every few years or so.
  • Clean carpets also provide clean fresh air. Carpets that are dirty often have a rank odor. Get rid of this by hiring Maine carpet cleaners who will clean your carpets leaving them smelling fresh. This contributes to the overall quality of the air circulating in your house.
  • Worried about the appearance of your living room lately? Do you feel like it needs a new paint job? Did you know that by simply cleaning your carpet, you can enhance and brighten up the appearance of a room? Regular carpet cleaning will add an aesthetic appeal to a room by getting rid of any stains that dull the color of the carpet.
  • Cleaning your carpet regularly helps in making it easier to maintain. Tough stains will not be so hard to remove if you clean your carpet often. Stains and dry soils often make it harder for a carpet to be cleaned over time.
  • Oxidation is a regular occurrence that may lead to dull carpet colors. Cleaning carpets regularly helps in preserving the carpets color keeping them vibrant.
  • Regular carpet cleaning washes out soil that settles onto the carpet. Most do-it-yourself cleaning methods can never get rid of the soil grit that makes its way into the fibers of your carpet. However, carpet cleaning services in Maine use professional equipment to ensure that every grain of soil is removed from your carpet.

Reasons Why You Should Switch to Organic Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your carpets regularly is a healthy practice. However, did you know that how you clean your carpets also matters? Each time you reach for a bottle of chemical laced detergents or washing agents, you are making a heavy and harmful impact on the environment. Maintaining the environment is not just about throwing litter in trash cans, but it also involves looking at the kind of ingredients that are present in the products you buy. There are numerous products on the market that are geared towards carpet cleaning that are inorganic.
Using Maine carpet cleaners will ensure that you are not only getting your carpets cleaned, but that you are contributing positively to the environment by using cleaners that use 100% organic products.

Unlike inorganic cleaners, organic carpet cleaners do not emit any harmful fumes. Without you knowing it, these fumes can often cause allergic reactions in both people and pets. Additionally, most chemical cleaners often leave a residue in the air that causes indoor air pollution. This has harmful effects on a person’s health, often causing symptoms such as headaches, coughing, fatigue, nausea and asthma attacks.

Most carpet cleaning services in Maine use carpet cleaning techniques that are environmentally and pocket friendly too. Most of these cleaning companies are dedicated to providing the best quality carpet cleaning services while putting the health of their customers first. They also specialize in organic carpet cleaning materials that leave no harmful residue behind. Additionally, these professionals will clean your carpet thoroughly without causing it to wear out.

These services are readily available at an affordable fee. Some carpet cleaning companies charge per hour, while some charge depending on the level of work required to clean the carpet.

Aside from hiring Maine organic carpet cleaning companies, you can also use a few tips to clean out stains and spots that do not necessarily require professional services.

For instance, there are simple but effective recipes to creating your own organic carpet cleaner.


  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon natural liquid soap
  • 18 drops of natural essential oil

Mix all the ingredients together to form a thick creamy paste. Apply this mixture to stains and spots on the carpet. Let it soak in for a minute before scrubbing and blotting it dry.

Another effective organic carpet cleaning recipe is:


  • 1 cup salt
  • 1 cup borax
  • 1 cup white vinegar

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl to form a thin paste. Rub this mixture onto the stain on your carpet and allow it to sit for a couple of hours. Vacuum any dry paste residue and then use a wet cloth to rub the mixture onto the stain. Scrub it until the stain dissolves and disappears. Give the wet area some time to dry after which you can vacuum once more.

The above mentioned recipes are a few examples of what you can do with very few organic ingredients found in your own home.