As you probably noticed all of the advice I’m giving out here are based on simple tricks and can help you clean your home in a stress free manner. Today’s blog post is no exception.

We all have tiles & grout in our homes, so we all know what a pain  it can be to keep clean. Plus we all know that tile is not as much of a problem as the grout. And if grout is dirty, your entire kitchen or bathroom  looks dirty. Over time scrubbing it with a kitchen brush simply does not do it. You turn around one day and your grout is two shades darker than when you first moved in. Here is a way to get it clean (of course, the green way).

So, let’s mix up an eco-friendly homemade grout cleaner.

You will need 6tbps of baking soda and 3tbps of water. Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply to your grout. Let it dwell over night. Next, use a soft-bristle vegetable brush to scrub the baking soda off. Rinse well. If your grout is really dirty you may want to repeat this process.

What I also like about this method is that it’s efficient with removing stains from natural stone.