We come to your home, put on our booties, have a friendly chat, listen to your needs, give friendly advice, but don’t use high-pressure sales techniques, we put down drop clothes, leave you with some brochures to look at, clean everything that needs to be cleaned, move light pieces of furniture, focus on giving you the cleanest and most dry carpets possible, and make sure you and your family are treated as though they were our own. We are so proud of our professional carpet cleaning end of Bone Dry! Of course we love doing upholstery, tile and grout, and carpet cleaning in most of Maine. Give us a try for free and see the difference!

One try and you can kiss your dirt and stains goodbye!

Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

The first step is an evaluation of your tile and grout. We start with a thorough inspection to determine the cleaning solution that will best yield results, and a small test area is completed so you can see the results and will know what to expect.

The tile and grout cleaning process begins by applying the cleaning solution to the tile and grout approximately 75 square feet at a time. We then methodically and carefully agitate the surfaces by hand or with a specialized floor machine to suspend and lift the ground-in soil. After we agitate, lift, and prepare the dirty tile and grout for cleaning, we extract the dirt using pressure and heat; an extraction and rinse of the surfaces with commercial equipment and proper attachments.

After your tile and grout is clean, grout sealing can be applied after inspecting the completely dry floor the following day. This helps prevent re-soiling. The process we use for tile and grout cleaning typically produces results that exceed expectations!

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