Best and Only

Best and Only

Carpet, Upholstery, and Tile/Grout Cleaning in Portland Maine!

Welcome to Bone Dry Carpet and Area Rug Cleaners-Portland Maine! Dry Carpets Happen With Bone Dry Carpet Cleaning!  Call now for specials! We utilize the most thorough and convenient methods to deep clean your carpets with Virtually No Drying Time (depending on soiling and process used).

We only use the best products available, so as to give you the best results. Our first of two processes, is backed by certified data and tests, plus it’s a completely natural and organic product!  Our second process, which is a proprietary process we call VLM (Very Low Moisture) is a process that we developed; we are the only ones in the country that use this process to ensure your carpets are as clean as they can possibly be, without wetting them unnecessarily.  We decide which of our two processes to use based on the level of soiling, staining present (pet stains), and the desired outcome of the cleaning.  We also clean tile and grout, clean mattresses, and even do upholstery!

Green and Organic

Green and Organic Certified

Zero Drying Time

Bone Dry Carpet Cleaning of Portland ME, is here to provide an organic alternative to the traditional wet carpet cleaning methods which contribute to problems such as long drying times, shrinkage, and wick back (soils coming back after the carpet is cleaned).

One of our methods uses an organic compound to deep clean your carpets, with virtually Zero Drying Time! We are the only ones to clean your carpets like this in all of Southern Maine!  Our Second process (Below) is a proprietary process only used by us-we developed it, tested it, and own the rights to it.

VLM Process

Very Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Very Low Moisture

We also use a process that is unique and only by us in all of Maine! It is called our VLM process-Very Low Moisture. This process uses high temperatures, high agitation, extreme vacuum (suction), and a proprietary process which leaves the carpet drier than the traditional steam cleaning process.

Maine Carpet Cleaning just for easier, better, faster, and drier! Call us today to clean your carpets, area rugs, upholstery, and tile and grout!

DRY CARPETS happen everyday in Maine with Bone Dry Carpet!

Typically, the carpets are dry before we leave! Contact us today!
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Our Process

We don’t cut corners!
  • Pre-Vacuum

    We thoroughly and professionally pre-vacuum your carpets and upholstery.

  • Spot & Stain Removal

    All spots and stains are then individually treated to ensure that they are removed completely-this removes 75 percent of stains so there is no need for extra charges to get stain out that did not come out during our regular cleaning.

  • Deep Cleaning

    Our first of two processes uses our special Dry Organic Compound to deep clean your carpet from the base up, using our exclusive HOST™ sponges; we call them sponges because they literally absorb the dirt.

  • Vacuum

    We professionally vacuum your carpets! Once this is done the carpets are dry and clean! Dry Carpet Cleaning is the new way to clean carpets!

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